A little cubby... A long way.


It finally feels like Christmas time in Houston and it is actually cold enough for an outside fire. I just finished designing and (had) built an outdoor fireplace for someones home. It turned out beautiful and it was the perfect evening last night for them to enjoy it. Take a look at their new addition. unfinished. not decorated.

Having never designed a fireplace, I flipped through many many pictures to get ideas. I knew on picture number UNO.. this fireplace would have a cubby for chopped wood. Not only for convenience but it really adds character year around. With Rustic Chic on the rise... Here is how you can incorporate chopped wood into your home.

And if you are like me and have a non-working fireplace... you can still get the look...

And during the summer months... fill it with books...

I am in love with chopped wood walls too. Cozy. I first spotted "a wall" at Tillman's Roadhouse in Dallas, as you can see in the first two pictures below.

(If you like this look...keep reading... there is a "how to" below on how to create it in your home.)

And there is even chopped wood furniture appearing out there!

Check out more furniture by artist Jaehyo Lee.

If you just want a tiny piece of this look. Get this frame for $12 by Pt. OR mix tradition and chopped wood decor. For the past 4 years, my husband and I have been keeping a little piece of the trunk off of our Christmas tree. We write the year on one side. I usually put them in a bowl during Christmas as decorations.

Back to the walls of wood... This looks like so much fun and I will be participating after the holiday season is over. MAKE YOUR OWN CHOPPED WOOD WALL. Follow this link to see how to do this fun craft.

You can purchase the wood chips from a fun little store on Etsy named Monkeys on the Roof.

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Jami Michelle said...

Ok so you told me about your genious Christmas Tree Stump idea a while ago...so now I have started collecting the stumps and also taking a picture of my son and I, Kingston, with our tree when we purchased it. I then laquered the picture and the year on one side of the stump and now we have a keepsake from each year! Thank you Alli...and pics of our progress to follow!

Anonymous said...

Love this blog my sweet!