good MONDAY morning from Paris.


Paris. I wish. But isn't this a really fun flat with unique design? The pictures are not the best quality, my friends.

The vaulted wooden ceiling is to die for.

Look at the spiral concrete stairway. Oriental rug, wall of books, and French wooden table with modern chairs make for a great dining area.

The kitchen doesn't have much counter space but with that stove, floor tiles and ceiling... Who couldn't make do? You can always roll your Parisian pastries on the Carrera marble table.

I'm such a fan of furniture in the kitchen.

Look closely, it's a shower.

What a great idea- a mini spool table next to the tub.

Saying goodbye is even beautiful! See the French hanging lantern, that was my inspiration for outdoor lights in our bungalow remodel. Our home needed two wall fixtures on each side of the front door. Let me show you...

Lanterns from left to right: Bellacor, Restoration Hardware, Lowes, Flambeaux Lighting, and Bellacor.

~ see you soon sweet, Alli.

mix and match


Did you register for bone or fine china? Are you planning on it when you tie-the-knot? I never did. I just mix and match with Vietri and Astier. I knew I would never get sick of white on white on white. But suddenly the urge for some mix and match fine antique china (and a skosh of new china too) on my dining table will not leave me. Wouldn't this be fun?

(not my toes but cute toes)

All of the different colors and patterns compliment each other so well. Dinner party decor heaven.

I'm on a mission for the old, the new, one plate at a time, one bowl at a time, colorful fine and bone china. The possibilities are endless when you have an assortment like the ones above....showers, dinner parties and table decor.

Wouldn't mix and match plates set a nice tone for a girlie party? This company rents vintage dishes for showers and wedding!

Wanting to start your own collection? Antique fine or bone china can be purchased premixed here. I have also bought a plate at a time at antique stores and my favorite- The Houston Guild Shop.

I love these one of a kind pieces found on etsy.

Has anyone ever thrown a party with mixed china patterns? I would love to see pics!

See you soon, Alli.