"Shut the door, We do not live in a barn."


Or do we? Netherlands here I come. I'm totally drooling. I have always had a passion for barns transformed into quarters.... and then Decor 8 features this dynamic duo. Check out the work of designers Ina and Matt  from the Netherlands and how they put a modern spin on the traditional barn. 

Notice the amazing barn door inspired shutters and the barn door.  I am pretty sure this "barn" house is Ina and Matt's actual home and studio. 

The simplicity of this the entire "barn" is so peaceful.  Zoom in on the different shape white tiles all over the kitchen. I would have made all the wood match, but I really like how it looks with all different colors of wood.

Check. I could work here.  Living wise... I might need more in my bathroom and definitely a larger closet.

Below is an Ina and Matt designed Residence in the Netherlands.

KITCHEN: Open shelving. industrial lighting. mixed cabinetry. fresh colors.
This is one of their more modern barns.
Oh my. A barn door inside make me happy.
My husband is going to love it when I tell him I want a barn door between our kitchen and dining room.

McLean Quinlan, a design firm based out of the UK takes the same holistic approach as Ina and Matt. Check out the pictures below of a converted barn named Stow-on-the Wold.

Wanting to add some barn inspiration into your home? Check out how barn doors can be incorporated  inside or outside your home. 

Notice below the carriage style garage doors from Real Carriage Doors.

The picture below is of a friends house who just put barn doors on the side of their garage. Cute right?

See you Soon, Alli.