have you ever slept in your guest bedroom?


(Thank you for the picture Southern Living Magazine.)

Several weeks ago, my best friend from New York stayed in our home for several nights. I made sure to have everything in the guest bedroom just right for her stay. All the special things you do when one of your friends spends some time at your home: new magazines on the bed, fresh soap by the tub, extra toothbrush and toiletries and fresh flowers in the room. Oprah has taught us all about this, right? I even wrote her name really big on our kitchen chalkboard and had all of her favorite Swedish snacks to eat. I wanted to make her feel as "at home" as possible. She complimented everything and loved each and every detail.

So, last night my husband and I slept in our guest bedroom because our home is still under semi construction. Who knew our pretty little guest bedroom could keep us awake all night. The bathroom faucet conveniently dripped from midnight to 5:00 AM. Not to mention the room started freezing sometime in between those hours even though we never touched our thermometer. Oh my, I thought, how long has this been going on???

Which leads me to the question:
Have you ever slept in your guest bedroom?

I highly suggest it before your next house guest visits. Everything can look so pretty and welcoming but are your guests getting a good night sleep?

Just a thought.

See you soon, Alli.

Affordable Finds.


I just came across these lovely soy candles from Burke Decor. Love them and they are such a great price for a good mix of smell and decor. Order yours today.

(Thanks for the pictures kobo.)

What I want this week.


A palladian mirror...

I always love mixing a skosh of historic pieces (aka ANTIQUES), modern elements, traditional garb, french country flair, minimalistic outlines and anything else that tickles my fancy when I create a new atmosphere. One of my girlfriends and I always laugh when someone ask us how we decorate?

Let's see how to throw a palladian mirror into the mix. Check out these pictures below of how to incorporate this into your home!

(Thank you for the inspiration Horchow.)

(Thank you for the inspiration Restoration Hardware.)

(Thank you for the inspiration Helen Norman.)

(Thank you for the inspiration BoBo.)

And this window must go in my dream home. How much do you love the shelf in front?
(Thank you for the inspiration, "my hero," Jill Sharp.)
Love Palladian as much I do?
Palladian comes from Palladian Architecture. Palladian architecture comes from Mr. Andrea Palladio (b.1508-d.1580). Born in Italy, Mr. Palladio designed palaces and country villas for the wealthy. His grand designs usually have many of the following characteristics: columns, stonework, strong symmetry, and the famous large central window with a paneled semicircular arch. Some famous palladian architecture.

The Chieregati Palace Vicenza in Italy by Mr. Andrea Palladio

and some American Palladian architecture. Mr. Thomas Jefferson's Monticello estate.

Learn more from Mr. Palladio by purchasing his book at AMAZON.

See you soon, Alli.

Have a seat.


A sofa at your dinner table? Why not. I remember watching HGTV a while back and a lady was scolded for having a sofa at her dining table. I thought to myself... why are they criticizing her???? HELLO... she is a genius! Then I see these pictures... so now I am on a hunt
for a grey or burlap striped sofa for my dining room table.

(Thank you for the inspiration Tracery Interiors.)

(Thank you for the inspiration Grant K. Gibson.)

The collage of pictures above the dining table is a great conversation starter. The bright turquoise vase adds such a great punch.
(Thank you for the inspiration Simply Seleta.)

(Thank you for the inspiration Veranda and Mary McDonald.)

(Thank you for the inspiration Apartment Therapy.)

See you soon, Alli.

Tie it up.


When I was planning my wedding, I wrapped plywood boards with fabric to create a backdrop on one side of the tent and the dessert bar. Behind the champagne bar I found stickers that looked like a picture frame and sconces. But......

take a look at these creative backdrops made from ribbons, lace, and fabric.

Will someone please have a party so I can decorate? See you soon, Alli.
(Thank you for the inspiration Amy Atlas.)

Tiny Sailor.


Since Chad and I are doing our contracting our kitchen remodel ourselves. We have been slacking off with the last minute details. We are going today to pick out the new stove and order the new bar stools. Finally.... we will almost be done! I have scheduled a friend to take pictures of the new kitchen so I am officially working on a time line now!

In the meantime... I've been imagining our guest bedroom remodel. Being married almost a year brings the inevitable question, "Are you guys having kids soon?" Although I do not have baby fever, I do have nursery fever. Here is my idea of a sweet little boys room. See you soon, Alli.