From our house to yours: Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I hope you are enjoying your holidays. I just realized that I never posted pictures of our Christmas decor. It's not much this year, I wanted to keep it easy. My main goal was to not pull any ornaments out of storage. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but it led to many purchases that will lead to more packing away. oh well. it was fun!

Every year Chad and I host our families at our house for a holiday dinner party. I can not believe I did not take a picture of the table this year. But I tried to recreate a little bit of it below. Here is what I started with. Of course the cake plate was filled with food instead of a candle and there were actual candles in the holders.

I did get a pic of the cookies. I decorated them to match the table and home decor. ACORNS and SNOWFLAKES. white and silver.

I stacked all of the food on Christmas presents. I know it sounds weird but it worked. No need in wrapping an empty box. The table was full of food, extra wide jute ribbon and mercury ornaments. I put the food not only on china but also in random things. ie. a huge wooden scoop and a double tin shelf.

Oh how I wish I had pictures but hopefully you get the idea with a 1/4 of the table recreated.

We wrapped all of the presents in shipping Kraft paper this year. It's so nice to always have at your house as it is good for any holiday or birthday. I used burlap ribbon not only on the tree but also on the presents. Ornaments helped add color to the brown on brown.

If you read my blog regularly, you know I was obsessed with flocking things this year. Here is a bit of our tree up close: we flocked it a skosh.

White spray painted branches helped add texture and color to our tree.

And the end result!

Thank you for allowing us in your home this year. We will be back next year with new ideas, fun finds, and easy updating tricks for your home. From our house to yours: Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you next year. Alli.

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