Have a seat.


A sofa at your dinner table? Why not. I remember watching HGTV a while back and a lady was scolded for having a sofa at her dining table. I thought to myself... why are they criticizing her???? HELLO... she is a genius! Then I see these pictures... so now I am on a hunt
for a grey or burlap striped sofa for my dining room table.

(Thank you for the inspiration Tracery Interiors.)

(Thank you for the inspiration Grant K. Gibson.)

The collage of pictures above the dining table is a great conversation starter. The bright turquoise vase adds such a great punch.
(Thank you for the inspiration Simply Seleta.)

(Thank you for the inspiration Veranda and Mary McDonald.)

(Thank you for the inspiration Apartment Therapy.)

See you soon, Alli.


Kelli said...

Genius! So cozy and inviting!

doug @ tracery interiors said...

you shouldn't believe very much of what you see on HGTV :) glad you enjoyed our work