have you ever slept in your guest bedroom?


(Thank you for the picture Southern Living Magazine.)

Several weeks ago, my best friend from New York stayed in our home for several nights. I made sure to have everything in the guest bedroom just right for her stay. All the special things you do when one of your friends spends some time at your home: new magazines on the bed, fresh soap by the tub, extra toothbrush and toiletries and fresh flowers in the room. Oprah has taught us all about this, right? I even wrote her name really big on our kitchen chalkboard and had all of her favorite Swedish snacks to eat. I wanted to make her feel as "at home" as possible. She complimented everything and loved each and every detail.

So, last night my husband and I slept in our guest bedroom because our home is still under semi construction. Who knew our pretty little guest bedroom could keep us awake all night. The bathroom faucet conveniently dripped from midnight to 5:00 AM. Not to mention the room started freezing sometime in between those hours even though we never touched our thermometer. Oh my, I thought, how long has this been going on???

Which leads me to the question:
Have you ever slept in your guest bedroom?

I highly suggest it before your next house guest visits. Everything can look so pretty and welcoming but are your guests getting a good night sleep?

Just a thought.

See you soon, Alli.


Amy & Galen said...

what an interesting thought! That is so true...we are currently house hunting and I will definitely need to think about this!

Tricia said...

well aren't you just the sweetest sweet to treat your guests so well... i think i'll have to visit soon... you know that leaky faucet won't bother me :)

Natalie said...

Love this post! Miss you! :)