Foregoing the skirt.


Forget the Christmas tree skirt this year! All season I have been calling these little trees- STATEMENT trees. Smaller or skinnier trees-in some sort of pot-with many ornaments-making a huge statement. Do you like this? It really works well for our friends in NYC or those that do not want the task of a big tree, pulling out all the ornament boxes, then decor decor decor.

This tree is simply beautiful with a skosh of flocking (my new obsession) and icicle ornaments.

Making a statement on the dessert bar. The ornaments around the tree are amazing too!

Room for all the presents when the tree sits high off the floor in an urn style pot.


My mother is going to go crazy over this piece of work! If you look closely that is a disco ball above the tree. Again, we are seeing a grouping of ornaments next to the tree displayed in a fine bowl.


Could it get any more classy? Feather trees grouped together at the entrance of the home.

Now this is what I am talking about!!! Tons of ornaments-piled on a small tree-screams STATEMENT!

If you love the traditional look of larger tree but still want to forego the skirt. Put it in a basket! I wish I could have done something like this! Unfortunately, we over estimated the height of our ceilings and came home with a much larger tree!

Getting a little more creative with the aluminum tin! It appears this statement tree is in the kitchen!

The picture below is not of the best quality but you will get the idea... I just finished my STATEMENT TREE! It is was originally 2 feet tall and now stands even higher with the help of an old ceiling light fixture base. I filled it with larger ornaments that would typically be too much for a tree of its size. I am thinking it will be placed in the kitchen! Hopefully more pictures to follow...but in the meantime... I present to you.... my little work of art...

See you soon, Alli.

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Jami Michelle said...

Allison, I love this idea and it goes along with an idea I recently had! I stumbled across a new, great idea for Christmas... Living Christmas trees! This is a tree that you purchase/rent as a young tree and progress from year to year and it grows as your family grows! Great new tradition to get started!,,546883,00.html