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Do you ever wonder what style you would call your home? Do you have a style? I have been contemplating that question a lot since I have been on my blogging sabbatical. Every time something new trends, or a new color makes waves, I have to find a way to incorporate it in my decor. Then I browse the latest Wisteria catalog or Cote de Texas blog and always want to redecorate everything to look just like the picture. I know...magazine living... does not exist.. but still...am I a french decorator, vintage, minimalistic, Nantucket? uhhhh I like them all.

When I recently visited a friend in Dallas, her decorating inspired me to pull my vintage side back out of the closet and incorporate it with my new love for french decor. When I walked in her home office I almost died when I saw her huge vintage E from an old sign. I had to copy and find one of my own and I knew it was not going to be in the Wisteria catalog.

And she has the lower e too. Isn't her sitting room cute? After a long day of antiquing around Dallas, look what appeared in the trunk of my car!!!!! It wasn't until I came back home to Houston that I started contemplating, How can I fit these vintage marque letters into my country french decor?

It honestly took me forever to find the perfect spot to hang my A and C. (for alli and chad). Was it possible to mix my damask pillows, stark white couch, antlers, and wooden bench coffee table with huge industrial vintage lettering?

BUT... I did it. I obviously love french, must buy traditional antiques, have a hard time saying no to a good vintage find and need color and patterns in my life. Mix that with simple, classic, clean and what do you have? MY STYLE. So when I see something I like (considering I can afford it) I am going to buy it, mix it with what I have and call it ME.

I encourage anyone who is redecorating or trying to update... buy what you like, be unique and mix it with what you have and YOUR STYLE will shine.

Here are some ideas on how to MIX vintage marque lettering into your decor.

Thank you for the inspiration Ken Fulk Design.Thank you for the inspiration Rue Mag.
Perhaps a bed frame?
And if you are LOVING this look... collect the entire alphabet.. just kidding... but its a cool picture, right?
See you soon, Alli.

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Elaine said...

I call my style "country couture"... It covers pretty much everything but I definitely like the unique. Damask pillows with vintage letters is something I have in my home. Love your blog! Keep it up. Hope all is well