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Everyone needs a good piece of sisal in their life. I usually prefer sisal rugs over sea grass rugs. TOMATE-O, TOMOT-O, right?  Sisal is the toughest of all natural fibers and works great in high traffic areas. I also like sisal more because of the tight weaves versus the wide weaves of sea grass.  A client of mine has a family room that needs a 17x17 rug and of course we chose sisal. I had been on a mad search for an affordable giant rug until I stumbled upon The Perfect Rug. Have you seen this fabulous company? .
So, I ordered 3 free samples and received this cute little measuring kit. I fell in love with their marketing and easy approach to measuring.
Here are a few of the natural fiber samples I received. My client and I decided on the one to the far right, Sisal Boucle. Can't wait to show you pictures of the finished result.

Because sisal tends to be extremely coarse, it's not the nicest to your feet and small children whom might be crawling. So a nice way to soften the feel is to add a smaller more traditional rug on top. It not only softens the feel but adds a nice fresh look as well. Take a look at what I am talking about below:

(Thank you for the inspiration Better Homes and Gardens)

Look how the sisal rug covers the entire room and then the oriental rug sits just beneath the table to add color and softness.

Houston designer, Tami Owens, did an amazing job in decorating this model home. It seems that sisal covers the entire room (aka heaven) while the large light patterned rug lays on top.    

If you are covering large wood floors in a room, the sisal should be about 3-5 inches from the baseboard. If you place a rug on top of the sisal (and you should), it can be any size and be placed anywhere. The pictures above are from Cote de Texas, my go to french design blog.

Here is some more inspiration:

If you can not afford to have a rug made but love this trend. Then the picture above is for you. The sisal rug is only slightly larger than the rug on top and it still looks nice.

Do you like this latest trend in the world of rugs?
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Morgan @ said...

What a great company - custom rugs as big as 17x17? Love the rug measuring kit! I too am a huge fan of sisal and layered rugs.


hey morgan! yes, 17x17 and they do odd shapes as well! the prices are really good too. $4.50 sq/ft for the Sisal Boucle. i will let you know how it looks when they get it in!