be creative with a crate.


Happy Tuesday AHWA blog readers. Thank you for coming to our site today. I have stumbled upon the coolest DIY project and I am so excited to share it with you. Take a look at all of these cool creative things one can make with a crate! can we call these crates? or... should we just stick to pallets? If you are looking for a good project this week...let these pics inspire you....have you ever made anything out of a shipping pallet before?

And I first present to you... a chair made from a pallet.  Now, say this in your best Oprah voice.
"How cool is thiiiiiiis?"
A skosh of french country below... A plate rack from Care2.

Ok,  let's get even more creative... an INDUSTRIAL crate table by Vintage Chica. If you read my blog, you know I love all things industrial and this would be a super cheap way to mimic the Restoration Hardware coffee tables. 


LOVES... I see this at the foot of a bed with a long burlap cushion.

Such a great table for an outdoor space.

 Rebecca Puig, of SugarBoo Designs is selling this amazing piece of art. It looks to be painted on a crate of some sort.

This has to be my favorite and it's going in my "when I have a kid" file. Take a look at the wall. It's all from recycled pallets. You can read how they did this amazing task at Bower Power Blog.

Well.. maybe this is my favorite. I am so in love with this cool creative bed. Read how genius Lori Danelle created this bed for her daughter.

And if you are feeling really inspired, a house. But seriously, isn't this fun?

See you soon, Alli.


Lauren Nutting said...

these are awesome alli! i sent the link to my dad because our family business is manufacturing and selling pallets! i thought he'd get a kick out of it. again - love the blog. good stuff!

katie said...

aww thanks for the link love Alli! I love pallet - craft too so it's nice to see different ideas all in the same post.
xo - kb


lauren that is awesome! does he sell them to the public?
hey katie! got your email! thank you so much! you are so talented!

Lori Danelle said...

Great post!! While I'm still partial to my daughters' toddler beds, that wall is pretty incredible! Might be a little over-kill at the moment for their room, but definitely going into the inspiration file!

Margarida said...

These are great!
I've got a load of old fruit crades at home and last year I used some to store my fabrics. They look really nice painted white and full of coloured prints :-)